Kate Gosselin Wears Pajamas to the Bus Stop

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Kate Gosselin is up early and has tons to do every morning, but for some reason today she had a lot going on—so much so that she forgot to get dressed. The mom of eight took her kids to the bus stop… still wearing her pajamas!

File:Wee Willie Winkie 1940 poster.jpg“Was busy making pancakes, adding fresh jello to lunches and spelling words with kids. Looked down at bus stop… was wearing my pj pants still. Oops,” Kate tweeted on Thursday morning. Well, worse things have happened to crazy busy moms, right? Naturally, Kate was able to go back home to change her clothes, but it’s still pretty funny that she was so busy getting her kids ready that she totally neglected to change her pants!

Kate Gosselin gets a ton of hate for the way she does things, and wearing pajamas to the bus stop will also cause people to say negative things. Good thing Kate found it funny and is able to laugh at herself every now and then!

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