Kate Gosselin Weight Loss Guru and Life Coach?

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Does Kate Gosselin see herself as a life coach and weight loss guru? The woman with eight kids took to Twitter on Friday (July 6) to answer a plea from a one of her Twitter followers. How exactly did the reality television star and coupon blogger respond?

In response to Kate’s post about not focussing on “negativity,” a fan tweeted directly to Kate about stalling out on her weight loss goals. “I can’t seem to find anything positive about losing NO weight this week even though I’m trying really hard. #downonmyself.”

So how did “life coach” and “weight loss guru” Kate Gosselin respond to this fan, who could find no positives? How about her own brand of reality star know-it-all.

“if you’re working out,muscle weighs more than fat.. So that could be why. Don’t b down, it will send you into a down spiral!:(” tweeted Kate. Really, being “down” could send someone into a “down spiral.” This might be the most ridiculous response anyone could give this upset woman. Of course, Kate Gosselin doesn’t come to mind as someone that people are flocking to for advice. Still, when she gives advice, it proves to really be no help at all.

Perhaps, Kate should stick to what she knows best… her coupon blog and leave weight-loss tips and personal life coaching to the experts.

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