Kate Gosselin’s Botox Gone Bad – PHOTOS!

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Kate Gosselin just can’t seem to keep herself out of the media spotlight, even for things she probably doesn’t want attention for.   USMagazine.com is reporting that Kate has obviously had some botox, and not even well-done botox.   For a reality show star who has changed her look from real mom to hot mama, and a well known perfectionist, it’s surprising that she’d get her face done in a way that looks so half-assed.  She clearly has the over-smooth head and weirdly arched eyebrows that we associate with getting botox injections, but since she’s already had a tummy tuck and a boob job, she should know a few good plastic surgeons!  

Maybe she is trying to save money, after all, she’s said that she took the Dancing with the Stars gig to support her eight children while her husband flits about acting like a rich teenager.  Of course, if you’re trying to watch your pennies, maybe you can skip the botox altogether.  Or get one of the shows you’re on to foot the bill.

The smoother may give her a more youthful appearance, but it sure doesn’t make her look any better in my eyes.   I would expect less concern about superficial things like forehead wrinkles from a woman who went to such extremes to have her children.   When Jon and Kate Plus Eight first aired, what I liked about her was that she seemed like a very real, relatable person in an unusually intense situation, now she seems like a caricature of that woman.  As her kids seem to need her more(going through the loss of their family), Kate seems less interested in them as anything more than her props, and more and more interested in her looks, shows and attention.  Being on the reality show has made her increasing less real.

Slide show of Kate’s Changing Looks

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