Kate Gosselin’s Children Get Lesson in Telling the Truth

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Kate Gosselin recently taught her children an important lesson in telling the truth, and the way she handled the situation was rather clever. Even non-Kate fans have to admit she did her kids a great service by working the scenario in the manner in which she did.

According to a report from Babble, it seems Kate discovered one day recently that the family’s globe was missing a good portion of the equator.

“Someone had peeled it back and in the process had ‘wiped out’ parts of a few countries!” she says.

Kate Gosselin for PresidentInstead of calling everyone into the room and demanding that someone fess up immediately, Kate patiently waited until dinner time. When she and her eight children were gathered around the table, she brought up the subject of the missing equator.

Instead of an immediate confession, which Kate Gosselin had truly hoped for, she listened to a chorus of “Not me!” coming from the mouths of all eight of the Gosselin children. Some of the children felt that Joel’s immediate facial features may have indicated guilt, so they all started pointing their fingers at him. Was Joel the culprit? Joel said he wasn’t.

“This was more about honesty and less about damage to the globe!” the former Kate Plus Eight star said.

She was getting pretty discouraged at that point.

“I was frustrated and disappointed at this point because I felt like I had a lying group of kids on my hands – something I had always harped against!” Kate says.

Lo and behold, later on that same evening, one of Kate Gosselin’s daughters, who shall remain unnamed, went to her privately and confessed to destroying part of the equator. Kate didn’t yell or scold.

“I reminded her how important it is to ‘always tell the truth’ and asked her to always ‘remember the globe’ so that next time she would proudly offer the truth because it is right and also so that she could avoid that awful feeling of guilt!” Kate says.

And she made her apologize to Joel.

Not a bad way of handling the situation, was it? Do you agree with Kate’s method or do you have an even better one for getting a guilty family member to confess to their crime?

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