Kate Gosselin’s Daughter Expelled From School For Bullying. Is Kate’s Parenting (Or Lack Thereof) To Blame?

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Reality show Kate Plus Eight star (and former star of the defunct Jon and Kate Plus Eight), Kate Gosselin had better wake up and pay attention to her children before it’s too late.  It seems Kate’s kids are starting to aggressively “act out” in ways which are totally unacceptable and which will not be tolerated by authorities.  In fact, one of the sextuplets just received a two week suspension from elementary school for (of all things) bullying.  What’s more, psychologists are saying it’s Kate’s fault.

According to Peace FM Online, the six year old girl hit a classmate without provocation.  Bullying is an offense the school takes very seriously–especially in view of the well publicized rash of suicides by young bullying victims. The school had little choice but to give the Gosselin girl the boot.  Kate did not take the news of her daughter’s expulsion calmly.  According to witnesses, she screamed at the child:  “You’re embarrassing me!”   Which was, according to psychologist Dr. Gilda Carle, the worst thing she could have done.

“Here’s a kid who’s acting out, and Kate makes this all about her!” observed Dr. Carle. “…Kate should…discuss with her daughter why she’s acting out — not by yelling at her…, but by listening to what the child has to say,”  Instead Kate shamed the girl with anger, criticism, and “dictatorial directions.” .

Although the Gosselins’ divorce no doubt set the psychological stage for the little girl’s aggressive behavior, Kate’s behavior since the split hasn’t been exactly conducive to restoring her kids’ sense of stability. “Insiders” say the children never know if Kate is “going to yell at them or be nice.”   Concluded Dr. Carle:  “I suspect there’s very little listening in that household…”

Probably not.  Unless the cameras are rolling.

It is true that Kate Gosselin, like every single mother, has to work (since John Gosselin doesn’t seem overly concerned with his kids’ welfare), but she should also realize that her children are her most important works in progress.  And they’re obviously not progressing as they should.  Perhaps Kate should learn to pass up a (non-paying) photo op or publicity stunt just once in awhile to spend more quality time with Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, Joel, Cara, and Madelyn.  What a concept.

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