Kate Gosselin’s Heart Is Breaking for Family of Boston Bombing Suspects

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Kate Gosselin was shocked when she learned about the bombings in Boston this past Monday and since she is an avid runner, she had plenty of things to say about the victims, the events, and the marathon runners who were innocent victims. Since the bombings on Monday, she has been watching the coverage and learning about the boys who were supposedly responsible for the bombings. Now, Kate is speaking out as the identities of the brothers are being revealed and she listened to the uncle’s press conference where he encouraged his nephew to turn himself in.

According to a new tweet released on April 19, Kate Gosselin thought it was heartbreaking to listen to the uncle who was sharing his thoughts on the boys, calling them losers if they are indeed guilty. “My heart is breaking for the uncle of the suspects right now….. What a horrible spot to be in… #suchatragedy,” Kate tweeted earlier this afternoon as she was watching the news. Being a mother, she can only imagine how horrible it must feel to learn that someone you know is responsible for the devastation.

It sounds like the whole nation is watching CNN to follow the manhunt of the suspect, who got away from police overnight. Kate may feel safe in her home, since it isn’t close to Boston where the suspect is at large, but it sounds like she is connecting with the family members who are grieving over the news. What do you think of Kate’s tweet about feeling bad for the family of the suspects, rather than focusing on the victims’ families?

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