Kate Gosselin’s Kids Scared of Kendra Wilkinson?!

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Ever since Kate Gosselin’s TLC show Kate Plus 8 was canceled, the former reality show mom was not shy about wanting to get back into the spotlight. Of course, who could blame her? Not many people would want to go back to a regular 9-5 job after having paid vacations and other luxuries handed to them. She recently had the chance to return to television for a new show called Celebrity Wife Swap where she traded lives with mother of one, Kendra Wilkinson. It seems that having only one kid to tend to for a week would be like a vacation for the mother of eight, but now there are allegations that the Gosselin kids didn’t look at it as a vacation!

According to Radar Online, the eight kids were “traumatized” by the event. Robert Hoffman (who is releasing a tell-all book about the family) spoke out to the site and explained what happened.

Hoffman said, “the Gosselin children were scared and very confused, having no idea who their new mom-for-a-week was, or why they were left alone with her to be filmed by strangers,” adding that they were not allowed to talk about the event to friends.

There is no doubt that Hoffman knows a thing or two about the Gosselin family and that is perhaps why people are so excited for the re-release of his tell-all book. While some of his accusations may be true, this one seems a little hard to believe.

For instance, the Gosselin children literally grew up in front of cameras. They know a thing or two about “the biz” and that they aren’t supposed to talk about filming. They are all very familiar with camera crews and, if Kate is to be believed, many of the kids actually miss filming. Granted, the brood of eight were filming with an all new camera crew, but nevertheless, it seems odd that they would be confused as to what was going on. Not only that, but Kate likely explained to the kids who Kendra Wilkinson was and why she would be there. Why they may not have understood, no mother (not even Kate Gosselin) would go into something like that without ensuring their kids had an idea of what was going on.

What do you think about Hoffman’s claims?

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