Kate Gosselin’s Kids Want a New Daddy

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Kate Gosselin’s kids say they want a new daddy. They’re not necessarily dissing their own father, Jon Gosselin, but they’ve told their mom they want a daddy who lives with them all the time.

According to the Huffington Post, Kate’s kids have told her time and time again that she needs to date someone. In fact, now they are telling her she needs to get married. Of course they’re too young to understand what accompanies the whole love and marriage scenario, but what they do know is they want a daddy living in their home.

So how does Kate Gosselin handle the situation when this happens? It seems that sometimes the Gosselin kids are known to actually beat their fists on the kitchen table, saying, “We need a daddy.”

“I say ‘you have your daddy,'” Kate explains. But that doesn’t seem to stop the barrage of comments.

Kate says she has even asked the children whom they feel she should be dating–seeing as how they’re so vocal about her finding a man. It seems they don’t have a clue.

Kate Gosselin says the kids whine about being “bored” in their single-parent family, and for some reason believe that things would be a lot more fun with a new daddy around.

Could this be indicative of the Gosselin children needing more time with their own father? Or could it be that Kate simply isn’t holding her own while trying to be both a mom and a dad to eight kids. That is, after all, a pretty tall order to fill.

Hopefully the Kate Plus Eight star will continue telling the children that they have their own daddy. To say anything to the contrary could certainly wind up scarring the children and causing some real resentment down the road.

If and when Kate Gosselin meets and/or marries a new man, both he and the kids will have to feel each other out in order to determine what kind of relationship they will all have.

In the meantime, Kate, how about a rent-a-husband? They do odd jobs around the house. Maybe one of those odd jobs could be playing the role of that new daddy!

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