Kate Gosselin’s Odd Definition of Recycling

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Kate Gosselin may have used the wrong word when she tweeted about a backyard nest that she placed on a tree last year. In typical Kate fashion she patted herself on a job well done, thanks to a bird who reused the nest.

Kate Gosselin tweeted her faithful followers (and anyone who would listen), “..just discovered the basket nest we attached2a tree2save a baby dove last yr, has a mom and egg(s) in it this year! Even birds ‘recycle’!:)”

There’s at least one thing about this that may strike the casual reader as odd. That the birds are “recycling” the nest is just silly. Birds may reuse a nest, but they don’t “recycle.” It just is an odd way of saying, “Look at me, I put up a nest to rescue a bird one year and the next year it is home to even more birds.”

Nothing against putting a nest up for some birds, but people put up bird houses all the time, and don’t brag about them on Twitter. Of course, those people aren’t named Kate Gosselin.

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