Kate Gosselin’s Tweets Hurricane Sandy Prep?!

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Kate Gosselin is taking Hurricane Sandy seriously… or at least she is tweeting that she is. As the Frankenstorm bears down on the New Jersey coastline, the former reality television star is making sure that everyone knows what she is doing to make sure she and her 8 kid are ready.

Gosselin is tweeting on a nearly hourly basis, documenting a play-by-play account of her hurricane prep.

Kate tweeted, “Hurricane Sandy Diary, by K8 Entry #8: The rain is serious now..I’m doing laundry,running dishwashers and cooking a few meals that r hearty&stovetop reheatable!Im as ready as I’ll ever b” (sic)

That’s good to know, that Kate Gosselin and her kids will have clean clothes and dishes. Hopefully she has a gas range as opposed to an electric one or all the “hearty soup” that she is making will go to waste. One thing is for sure, Kate will have no way of posting on Twitter once the power goes out. For many people who are not fans of Gosselin, they will find this quite a shame. Hopefully though, Kate and her family will be safe during Hurricane Sandy.

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