Kate Hudson’s baby name explained!

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You may think that Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy picked the name “Bingham” for their newborn son because they thought it was something unique. And while the name isn’t very popular, it does have a lot of meaning, and Bellamy has broken it down for the curious minds who want to know!

“For those wondKate Hudson 2006ering, Bingham is my mum’s maiden name. Bing Russell was also Kurt [Russell’s] dad. Family connections all around,” Bellamy tweeted on Thursday. Bingham’s middle name, Hawn, is obviously a shoutout to Kate’s mom, actress Goldie Hawn.

The name is different enough that it is uncommon, but it’s not really weird, is it? It’s kind of a cool name, and it sounds good with Kate’s other son’s name, Ryder.

The couple waited a few days before announcing (read deciding) their new son’s name, and many believe it’s because they both thought that they were having a girl! Since they did not find out the sex of their baby—and Kate really felt that it was a girl—they may not have had a boy’s name picked out. So Bingham Hawn is it!

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