Kate Middleton Accused of Lying About Due Date

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Kate Middleton is being questioned by some royal watchers, who claim the Duchess of Cambridge is too slender to be six months pregnant.

This is an interesting theory, but it doesn’t really make much sense. She could be claiming to be farther along, to give the impression she is a superwoman, who doesn’t even get fat when pregnant, but that strains credulity. Who would be that vain?

Honestly, Kate and William’s most important goal right now, is ensuring that she is healthy and safe, so she can give birth to future king or queen of England. In other words, the last thing on their minds is Kate’s figure. Middleton’s barely perceptible baby bump was sighted for the first time last weekend at Windsor Castle, several months into her pregnancy.

Although the royal family has never officially announced a due date, everyone assumes Middleton’s about six months in, because she was rushed to the hospital back in December with acute morning sickness. What is your opinion about this issue? Is the duchess being dishonest about her pregnancy? Do you think it’s anyone’s business, or should people just leave Kate alone?

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