Kate Middleton Advised to ‘Have More Fun’

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Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, “doesn’t have to dress like the queen yet,” suggests Nancy Dell’Olio, who is a self-styled glamorous woman and a British-Italian-American celeb for all seasons. “She is still so young. She could have more fun,” gushes Dell’Olio, and Daily Mail reports. Dell’Olio says of herself, that she is “a lawyer, not an actress.”

It’s difficult for royal-watchers to picture Duchess Catherine following advFile:Kate in Ottawa for Canada Day 2011.jpgice from the exotic celebrity, who hopes to be a British talk-show host, because Dell’Olio’s taste runs more to a Madonna look. Or possibly Lady Gaga. If forced to choose between the Queen’s favorite pastel suit and matching hat with black shoes or a slashed-to-the-navel sequined red catsuit once worn by Dell’Olio, the pastel suit would win out every time. And Kate Middleton would make it look stylish.

Nancy Dell’Olio admits the obvious. Kate Middleton is beautiful. But the well-organized and efficient duchess is known for her lack of fuss over her own appearance, and Dell’Olio believes taking trouble is something all women should do. Fuss. Spend time on themselves. “It’s as if British women think it’s better not to make the effort. They think it’s frivolous, but you can be intelligent and sexy and glamorous all at the same time.” She, of course, never makes that mistake. She wore the cat suit to a reception at #10 Downing Street—The British White House. You can bet she was noticed.

Her words won’t have much influence on Kate Middleton, who is much more in tune with the casual times. The duchess likes the way she looks, and so—obviously—do her fans.

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