Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles Battle Over Curtsying Mandate

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Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles are the stars of a new royal feud. That is according to a tabloid report anyways. The feud is reportedly over the new curtsying protocol the Queen recently put in place. Kate is required to curtsy to the Duchess of Cornwall in the new mandate, which has left her fuming.

Odd, the two seem to be as thick as thieves, but maybe it is all for show. Or maybe, the tabloid is just stirring up trouble. Gossip site, Celebrity Dirty Laundry, reports Kate and Camilla are in a royal battle over the whole curtsying order. Camilla wants Kate to curtsy to her, but Kate refuses. Technically, neither of the ladies are “real” Royals. They both married into the family and are not the coveted “blood princesses.”

Kate is far more popular than her mother-in-law or any of the other royal family members, but she is a newbie and is outranked. It has got to be humbling and a bit embarrassing for Kate, but how often will she really have to curtsy? Camilla is certainly not a favorite among those in the UK who still remember her part in Princess Diana’s misery. It is unlikely she would alienate Kate Middleton, one of her greatest allies.

The story is most likely a lot of hogwash, but how fun would it be to see Catherine Middleton screaming, “You make me sick!” The story could be taken from any soap opera with its entertaining, but unbelievable qualities.

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