Kate Middleton and Family Among the Latest Phone Hacking Victims

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Just as the Murdoch case is heating up, reports have now surfaced of Kate Middleton and her family being the latest phone hacking victims in the major British scandal.

According to Radar Online, Prince William and Kate were contacted by the British police who are investigating the phone hacking scandal. In 2005, the original investigation into the newspaper led police to Prince William, Prince Harry and three close aides. But, now, new reports suggest that the tabloid could have also targeted the new bride and Duchess Kate Middleton along with her family.

It’s being reported that hacking the Royals was much more detailed than initially expected in 2005, which is why many speculate that Kate Middleton along with her family were likely victims of hacking as well.

The scandal which has been ongoing for some time, has only escalated as more reports like this one are surfacing. Since the scandal broke, several News of the World executives were arrested and Rupert Murdoch, owner of the paper has been before Parliament in Britain to explain the mess that’s been created.

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