Kate Middleton and Pippa’s Cousin, Katrina Darling, Danced Semi-Naked with Topless Woman

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Pippa and Kate Middleton’s less proper stripper cousin, Katrina Darling, showed off her semi-naked goods while in New York City. While Kate is being chastised about the length of her hemline, Katrina has opted to ditch clothes all together. Needless to say, the world will now be comparing Katrina’s not-so-royal bum to that of Pippa’s.

Prince William & Kate Middleton 11x17 HD Photo Poster #01 HDQHer “God Save The Queen” burlesque routine took place at SoHo club’s W.I.P. as part of the Tuesday Night Dropout Party. The audience wasn’t disappointed as Darling shed article after article of clothing until she was nearly nude. She ended her performance with a pair of nipple pasties, a clip-on thong and small crown on her head. One lucky audience member, a topless woman, received a one-on-one dance with the semi-nude Darling.

When interviewed about being a burlesque dancer, Darling said she hasn’t received backlash for her performance by the Royals and even welcomed them to watch her perform. She also said, “I take my clothes off, but I don’t give away anything that should be kept for someone else.”

It’s unlikely that prim and proper Pippa Middleton and Kate Middleton will be stopping by to see their second cousin, once removed doing her burlesque routine anytime soon. Middleton’s new in-laws would have a Royal fit if they thought Kate was even entertaining the idea. These cousins maybe related by blood but their lives are worlds apart.

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