Kate Middleton and Prince Harry Allies Against Poor Prince William

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Kate Middleton and Prince Harry have become very close over the past year and have formed a strong alliance against a formidable foe–Prince William. Okay, he isn’t really their enemy, but apparently, Harry and Kate get a kick out of laughing at Will.

Harry is known for being a pretty funny guy and judging by the laughter going on between Kate and Harry, she has fallen under his charming spell. Obviously, she is in love with Will, but as the heir to the throne, he must maintain a bit of a stern façade while in public. Kate and Harry are free to be themselves and entertain each other with witty observations. Unfortunately, according to a new report, those little jokes happen to involve William–as the butt of the joke.

“What he doesn’t enjoy is how much they like to wind him up. ‘There’s always a lot of laughter when the three are together, but it’s normally aimed at Wills, poor chap, but he takes it well and knows it’s all a bit of banter.”

William has managed to come up with at least one way to tease Harry, “He jokingly calls Harry Kate’s ‘lady in waiting’ because he’s always there by her side.” It is fun to think of the three young Royals enjoying themselves despite the enormous responsibility each must deal with. Kate Middleton and Prince Harry are obviously close, like brother and sister, which only strengthens the future of the monarchy.

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