Kate Middleton and Prince William Portrait Made in Food

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Kate Middleton and Prince William have had their royal wedding portrait painted for prosperity, and their faces are stamped on coins and souvenirs, but in food? You’ve seen their faces everywhere, but now, the royal couple can be feasted upon in their latest portrait rendered in turkey, cauliflower and roast beef.

According to Slashfood, “English artist Prudence Staite used the ingredients of a traditional Sunday supper to create an edible portrait of Prince William and Kate Middleton.” The portrait was meant to be a tribute, but is it tasteful? Prince William’s nose looks like a cauliflower ear, and Kate Middleton’s ring that once belonged to Princess Diana is in gravy.

Do you think the portrait of Kate Middleton and her handsome Prince William is in good taste? Probably not, but the tribute was meant to be touching as well as edible. Everyone wants a bit a publicity and attention from the royal couple’s engagement, but this may be a little too much. One might wonder if the portrait will be served at the wedding feast, but that is unlikely.


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