Kate Middleton and Prince William Sneaking Away for Romantic Escapade

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Kate Middleton and Prince William are taking some time for just the two of them, finally. They have been very busy performing one royal duty after another with Will’s little brother a permanent fixture by their side. While the couple loves Prince Harry to death, they need some time, alone. Kate will likely need some time away from the prying eyes of the world after she made herself so public throughout the Olympic games. She has got to be exhausted.

Will and Kate are escaping the confines of their royal duties and heading to the peaceful Balmoral Estate in Scotland. According to earlier reports, the Queen gifted William with his very own cottage on the grounds. He and Kate are said to love the refreshing countryside. It is where their romance first blossomed, and the area holds fond memories for the two.

A source reports, “They enjoy going there to spend time by themselves and used to go in their university days.” After a few grueling weeks of Olympics celebrations, Kate Middleton could surely use the downtime. She will need to get in all the quiet time she can before she sets off on her next adventure. Will and Kate will be kicking off their Diamond Jubilee tour in a few weeks.

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