Kate Middleton and Prince William Stressed About Prince Harry?

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Kate Middleton and Prince William performed their royal duty and attended the Paralympics Opening Ceremony last night, but something looked to be weighing heavily on their minds. Is it Prince Harry’s shenanigans that has them worked up? Harry is supposed to come out of hiding and attend the Paralympics, but he was noticeably absent from the opening ceremony.

Harry has become a fixture on Kate’s left side, but last night, Princess Anne took his place. Obviously, Kate would have had a lot more fun with the charming Harry to keep her entertained through the formal stuff. Maybe that explains her serious face. Will looked just as somber as he stood by his wife.

The Duchess of Cambridge usually has a brilliant smile plastered on her face, but last night, it was not quite as prevalent. Will and Kate seemed to warm up a little later, but they were clearly not their usual, perky selves. Maybe they were both missing Harry’s jokes. Despite the heavy atmosphere, Kate Middleton looked gorgeous, as always.

Her bubbly personality was back in place this morning, as she attended the cycling event. The couple looked very casual in polo shirts as they cheered on the athletes.

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