Kate Middleton and Prince William Visit Denmark UNICEF Center

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On Wednesday, Kate Middleton and Prince William spent time at a UNICEF warehouse in Copenhagen, Denmark to help bring attention to the food shortage crisis in East Africa. They helped pack supplies that would be distributed in East Africa to help some estimated 13 million people. Prince William appealed for others to step up and help, as fighting, drought, disease and starvation are affecting hundreds of thousands of Somalis.

The Christian Science Monitor shares that Kate Middleton and Prince William ate lunch with the Danish royals, where they learned more about the situation in East Africa. Kate shared, “It’s really just how shocking the situation still is. A huge amount still has to happen with hundreds of children still malnourished at the moment.” William and Kate helped organize medicine and basic medical supplies, and the cargo was flown to Nairobi, Kenya later in the day.

Prince William is appealing for help from those who can make a difference. He shared, “The rains have come now and… that doesn’t necessarily mean things are going to get better at all.” He adds, “In fact, disease becomes a huge issue. And so it’s very much a case of anyone who can do anything to help, please do.” The Denmark center Kate Middleton and Prince William visited coordinates supplies worldwide. The center has provided approximately 320,000 nutritional treatments for East African malnourished children.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have a special place in their heart for Africa, as he proposed to her while the pair was in Kenya on vacation in 2010. This trip to Denmark was the pair’s first trip since last summer’s trip throughout the United States and Canada.

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