Kate Middleton and Prince William Year of The Rabbit Predicitons

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Kate Middleton and Prince William have received their Year of The Rabbit predictions. The Britiain’s royal wedding happens to fall in the Year of the Rabbit, so China’s fortune teller, Chen Shuaifu, has some unhappy news for the royal couple.

April 29 is not an auspicious day for the rabbit, the dog, or the rooster, but there is hope.

Among some of the warnings are that Prince William should not wear red. That doesn’t seem too hard to do, and Kate Middleton must wear white, gold and black. That doesn’t seem too difficult for a bride. She will be decked in white and wearing gold. The black can be worn on a garter, perhaps.

A lot of people in China take this horoscope thing seriously, and it does not bode well for the wedding. Chen goes on to say that the couple is compatible, so that’s good news. He also advises that the utensils be gold, and the ring should be soaked in wine.

Why should this be considered?

According to MSNBC, “One case in point is the royal engagement ring that belonged to Princess Diana. ‘She led a miserable life, the unlucky energy in the ring will be too much, and the living should not wear the ring worn by the dead,’ he said.

After that warning about Princess Diana, one would hope that Kate Middleton’s ring is soaked in wine for a long time, and she should take the engagement ring warning seriously.

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