Kate Middleton Angrily Defends Her Girl Crush Angelina Jolie

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Rumor has it that Kate Middleton’s girlfriends recently learned a hard lesson about loose lips sinking ships. It seems the Duchess of Cambridge’s stupid BFFs told her she resembled Angelina Jolie who is, as everyone knows, Kate’s favorite actress and downright girl crush. Kate was flattered until one of her so-called friends was dumb enough to tell her why they thought she resembled the Salt star. It was because she’s “getting that skin-and-bones look,” just like La Jolie at the Oscars. Prince William’s wife was not amused.

“Kate was furious and hit back hard,” revealed a source. “She defended not only her own slight frame, but stated vehemently that she thought her idol looked more stunning than ever at the Academy Awards. Then, politely but firmly, Kate told her chums she’s weary of everyone commenting about her being too thin, and to please hold their tongues in the future.”

Good for Kate Middleton. It is the height of absurdity that, in a world where females are taught from childhood that the second worse sin they can ever commit is being fat, those same women are later lambasted for being too thin. Society should make up its mind. As for her so-called (ex?) friends, wonder how much they weigh? Hmmm? They’re probably just jealous–of Kate Middleton and Angelina Jolie.

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