Kate Middleton Begs Pippa Middleton to Heed Her Warning

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Kate Middleton has already suffered enough humiliation for this year or a lifetime, for that matter. She does not need to be subjected to anymore embarrassing situations and is hoping her little sister, Pippa Middleton, will behave while on her promotional tour for her new book. Kate is not leaving anything to chance and has reportedly ordered some serious training for her sister along with some extra protection.

According to a source, “Pippa’s been summoned for a crisis meeting.” Ack! That sounds kind of serious. Kate is probably having flashbacks to Pippa’s little gun incident and wants to make sure there are no more jokes or otherwise that could reflect poorly on Kate and her new royal family.

The source reports one of the most important things is keeping Pippa safe and out of range of the paparazzi who will be waiting to catch her doing something scandalous. “Kate’s personally overseeing it and has asked Pippa to agree to some intensive lessons in dealing with intrusion; what to say, what to wear – the lot,” explains the insider.

Hopefully, Pippa will listen to her big sister. Both Middleton ladies have suffered their fair share of scandal this year. Kate Middleton does not need any more attention.

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