Kate Middleton Blasted for Insulting Dress

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Kate Middleton is regularly praised for her keen fashion sense and ability to dress appropriately for any occasion. During the recent Diamond Jubilee tour, Kate and her style team went to great lengths to find dresses that would be appropriate to the occasion and place she was visiting. She wanted to respect each country’s traditions and show her appreciation by wearing something that was connected with the land she was visiting.

Unfortunately, there was a little mix up and Kate is the one being blamed. When Prince William and Kate visited the Solomon Islands, they were expected to wear clothing made by natives of the islands. Keep in mind, Will and Kate were rushed from one engagement to another. Staff laid out their outfits ahead of time. Unbeknownst to the Duke and Duchess, a helpful staff member delivered gifts to their room from the Cook Islands, which are some 3,000 miles away from the Solomon Islands.

The beautiful pink dress and dazzling blue shirt Will and Kate donned for their evening in the Solomon Islands were actually from the Cook Islands. They assumed the items were their attire for the night and put them on without a second though. In a statement released from the Solomon Islands’ Government House, they blame Kethie Sunders, the woman who made the crucial mistake.

“We are incredibly frustrated that this situation has come about and see Kethie as entirely to blame. It was completely inappropriate for her to go to Their Royal Highnesses’ room, which she filled with various things, causing confusion.”

Yikes! They are royally ticked! It was an honest mistake. Hopefully, Kate Middleton can rise above yet another scandal.

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