Kate Middleton Booty Up to Par With Pippa’s?

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Kate Middleton’s shapely booty is said to be fast catching up in overall appeal to that of her sister Pippa Middleton–recently said to have one of the best butts around. Do you think this is true–and quite honestly–do people really care?

According to a report from RadarOnline, it seems they really do. They say that a recent photo of the Duchess of Cambridge (well, actually they’re calling her the Duchess of Derriere) looked hot in a pair of skin-tight jeans she wore recently while watching her husband, Prince William, play soccer. Kate and Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society

Pippa Middleton’s butt made headlines immediately following the wedding of her sister to Prince William. Her photo in her form-fitting white maid-of-honor dress at the royal wedding was seen around the world, and word of Pippa’s beautiful booty went with it. Now the media says Kate Middleton’s butt is nearly as perfect as Pippa’s. Do good butts run in the Middleton family?

It would certainly seem that in this crazy world of hard economic times, war, disease and constant turmoil that most people would be paying more attention to far more serious issues than the speculation of which sister–Pippa or Kate Middleton–has the better booty. Perhaps it serves as a good diversion from reality and all its perils to focus on the trivial instead of the often hard-hitting truth.

That said, whose beautiful booty do you think sports the better build? Pippa Middleton’s? Kate Middleton’s? Is it a complete toss up? Or could you really care less?

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