Kate Middleton Bottomless Photos: Is Someone Trying To Crack Kate’s Perfect Facade?

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The Kate Middleton bottomless photos only go to show that someone out there—or maybe more than one someone—is trying to crack the perfect façade that has surrounded the Duchess singe her fantasy wedding to Prince William.

Ever since William and Kate announced their engagement, Kate has been nothing but the Perfect Princess. People even went as far as to say that she was born for the role and knew exactly how to act and how to dress.

However, with the scandal of her topless and now bottomless photos spreading like wildfire thanks to a long lens photographer, some trashy tabloids and the internet, Kate’s perfect Royal façade is cracking.

Is someone out to get her?

It sure seems like that is the case, after all, why else would someone want to deliberately embarrass Kate Middleton in such a public way?

With people already cracking jokes about Kate’s unshaven pubic hair and her smoking habit, it seems more and more likely that the photos have been released for a reason and that reason is to cause her pain and humiliation.

Who knows, maybe someone within her circle is jealous of Kate Middleton and tipped off a photographer as to where she and William would be staying. Or maybe someone even paid off a photographer to get scandalous photos of the Princess in order to make her look like a fool in the public eye.

No matter what the reason, the Kate Middleton bottomless photos are certainly evidence that something untoward is going on…but what?

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