Kate Middleton ‘Bottomless’ Photos Won’t be Published by Danish Magazine

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The Royal family has been on edge as of late, and Kate Middleton’s bottomless photos certainly haven’t helped matters. Between Prince Harry’s nude romp in Las Vegas to his sister-in-law’s scandalous vacation pics in France (the whole package, we’re talking about here), the world has been exposed to some serious royal skin. Can this family catch a break and get just a teeny bit of privacy?

Se Og Hør, a Danish magazine, put on a rather brave front when it claimed that it would publish “bottomless” pics of the duchess, no matter the consequences. “We are a leading gossip magazine in Denmark,” said editor-in-chief Kim Henningsen, “and it is my job to publish them. If the British royal family want to sue us, then it will happen then, and we’ll deal with it.” Some classy job she has, don’t you think?

But apparently, Se Og Hør can’t take the heat, or at least afford a hefty lawsuit. Henningsen announced on Saturday that the publication is backing down and not publishing the photos. At this time, a representative at St. James’s Palace has stated that they will not be “commenting on potential legal action concerning the alleged intended publication of the photos.”

Should Kate Middleton rest easy now that bottomless pics of her are not being published? Hardly. The paparazzi has been ruthless to this family for decades. Perhaps it’s up to the public to get a message across by not reading the publications that are clearly invading the Royal family’s privacy.

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