Kate Middleton Can’t Win With Her Body Image

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Kate Middleton can’t win over criticism that she’s too fat or too thin. Her body image is central to the media’s glaring cameras, which depict an almost anorexic Duchess. According to IBTimes.com, Kate in no way will please everyone no matter what her weight loss is or isn’t.

The source touched on a blog’s latest post that Kate Middleton was thin to begin with and that her weight loss was actually slow since her engagement to Prince William was announced in November 2010. Many believe Kate is bordering on anorexic, but an equal amount feel she’s maintaining a healthy lifestyle and isn’t too thin. Some celebrities who recently saw Middleton in Los Angeles, defend the Duchess’ body image. Selma Blair and Taraji P. Henson have come out to say Kate Middleton looks beautiful and healthy.

It’s hard to dismiss the fact that Kate’s weight loss is more obvious since her wedding to Prince William. Young women around the globe look to Middleton as a role model for fashion and body image. The public worries she’ll go down the same path as Princess Diana when she started her royal duties. Pressure to be perfect is foremost in the minds of members of the royal family. Is Kate being healthy or is she falling victim to an eating disorder?

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