Kate Middleton Caught in Camilla Parker-Bowles’ Hairy Scheme

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Kate Middleton’s beautiful long brown locks have become a signature to her chic style so it’s surprising to find out she almost chopped them off! Well, at least, according to the National Enquirer.

A royal source supposedly told the tabloid Middleton’s “wicked stepmummy” (whose apparently always had it out for her) tried to trick her into cutting her hair. The whole story seems a little hair brained in itself so read on to find out why.

The source said, “Camilla, who’s not exactly a fashion icon, was chatting with Kate and suddenly told her she’d look ever so chic in a shorter hairstyle. After Camilla put the thought in her head, Kate raised the idea of cutting her hair to William, who was adamantly opposed! He said, ‘You must be joking! Don’t be silly!'”

Upset over her husband’s remarks, Kate supposedly scheduled an appointment with a stylist to chop off her long locks. However, once Queen Elizabeth heard about Kate’s plans, she put an end to them. The Queen supposedly said, ‘Do not even think of cutting off your lovely hair, dear! It is your crowning glory!’ Kate was “very touched by the Queen’s compliment.”

So, in short, Middleton is supposedly so devoid of reasoning on her own that she decided to cut her hair when Camilla told her to. Then it was Prince William’s scoff that sent her over the edge. His reaction caused her to want to cut her hair even more? In the end, when Queen Elizabeth got involved and said no, Middleton, once again, changed her mind in accordance to someone else’s wishes. Yes, this scenario is plausible but not probable.

A woman doesn’t become the future queen of England without a brain or the ability to think for herself. Kate Middleton doesn’t seem like one of those women who wander around without conscious thoughts in her head.

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