Kate Middleton Collapses! Did Camilla ‘Cruelly Taunt’ Her about Prince William’s Faithfulness?

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Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, knows a thing or two about taunting a princess about her husband’s infidelity. She did it to Princess Diana, and according to a new report, she’s doing it again to Kate Middleton.

The Duchess of Cambridge “collapsed in tears” after her stepmother-in-law “cruelly taunted her about her hubby Prince William’s faithfulness,” The Globe is reporting. The mag claims to have “shocking revelations” about the “shameful, cruel words jealous Camilla spoke,” as well as details about why Kate “is fearful” for Prince William (she’s likely just worried about his upcoming six-week military deployment). Kate is reportedly so upset by Camilla’s “cruel insult” that she and Prince William made a secret visit to Princess Diana’s grave.

There’s no word on whether Prince William is actually getting his freak on with non-Kate ladies, but he wouldn’t be the first royal man to step out on his wife. (His father once famously said that he wouldn’t be the first Prince of Wales in history not to have a mistress.) But this is just the latest in a long line of stories about Camilla and Kate since the royal wedding. Depending on the source, the two either love each other or are completely at odds. The Daily Mail runs stories about how Camilla gives Kate advice on everything from hair and skin care to fashion tips and royal do’s and don’ts, while The National Enquirer tends to go the “evil stepmother” route, claiming Camilla talks about Kate behind her back and is jealous of the attention the young duchess gets. Maybe the jealousy part is somewhat true — that Camilla wishes she and Charles had been allowed to marry 40 years ago so she could have been in the spotlight when she was young and beautiful like Kate. But Kate and Camilla should get along really well, because they’re so similar: They both waited endlessly for a ring, and neither seems interested in challenging the status quo (unlike Diana). So hopefully The Mail‘s stories are closer to the truth and Camilla isn’t actually waging some kind of psychological warfare against Kate.

What do you think? Did Camilla really taunt Kate Middleton about Prince William? Did Kate collapse? Sound off in the comments!

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