Kate Middleton Crushed by Hateful ‘Gold Digger’ Comments

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Kate Middleton has become one of the favorite Royals in the world. Her popularity with the public is often compared to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. Princess Catherine has managed to maintain a modicum of normalcy since her marriage to Prince William, and the public adores her. Unfortunately, you cannot win them all.

A book about Prince William’s life has included lots of previously unknown details about Kate’s long relationship with her husband. The book has shed a bit of a different light on Kate, and some are calling the Duchess of Cambridge some pretty hurtful names. Mean spirited people have tossed around terms like gold digger and called her too thin or anorexic in some cases. Despite her massive protection, she still hears and reads some of these hateful comments.

An insider to the royal family says, “Kate’s always had a fear she wouldn’t be accepted by the public.” She need not worry too much. You can never please everybody, and some people have to put down others in order to feel better about themselves. It all adds up to jealousy. The insider adds, “She doesn’t understand why people would say damaging things and doesn’t like the thought of people hating her.”

Kate Middleton needs to forget about the nasty comments. Thankfully she has the support and love of a good man to help her get through this tough time. “While Wills has helped her confidence grow, she still worries – and cares about – what people think of her,” explains the source. She will have a long, tough road ahead of her if she lets these petty little comments bother her.

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