Kate Middleton Dealing with Despicable Mole in the Palace

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Kate Middleton has a serious pest problem. A mole is suspected to be running amuck inside the palace walls and Prince William and Kate are its prime target. Will and Kate are the unwitting victims of an inside operation.

A source reveals, yes, there is more than one, “There are suspicions because some things have come out regarding Kate, Wills and Harry that very few people knew about.” Drat! There is always one person willing to spill all the dirty details. Somebody who obviously knew Kate’s penchant for taking off her top while sunbathing had to tip off the press. Why else would anybody sit out there for days waiting for the photo opportunity?

Now, Kate is being warned to watch her back and not talk to or confide in anybody. How horrible would it be to be on constant alert? It would certainly make a person extremely paranoid. The source adds, “It’s been years since the Palace had to deal with a situation like this.”

Hopefully, the mole is ferreted out, and Kate Middleton and Prince William can get on with their lives without fear of intimate details being passed along to the press. Of course, it will only be a matter of time before another spy infiltrates the palace walls.

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