Kate Middleton Demands William Quit RAF and Move to London

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Kate Middleton has had a rough few weeks and you would think she would be ready to sink into anonymity and ride out the topless photo scandal. According to at least one report, that is the furthest thing from her mind. She married a prince, an heir to the throne to be exact, and dangit, she wants the whole nine yards—palace and all.

Right now, Will and Kate are ensconced in a cottage tucked into Northern Wales where they are given almost complete privacy. She is free to run errands like grocery shopping without a horde of paparazzi dogging her steps and checking to see if she takes her top off. So, why would she want to give all of that up?

A new report claims Kate has given William an ultimatum. Give up the RAF or risk her wrath. The royal couple are remodeling an apartment in Kensington Palace and are expected to move in sometime next year. Kate is reportedly ready to move into the luxurious digs, but if Will signs on for another term with the RAF, things could get tough. “If he stays with the RAF, he will be living in Wales — 200 miles away from her,” explains a source. Actually, it has already been reported if he does stay with the RAF, he cannot stay in Wales and will likely land in Scotland, which is said to have pleased Kate.

Apparently, Kate is a traditional girl and wants to play house the right way. Another source adds, “Kate made it clear to Will before they married that she wants a proper marriage and relationship. If she lives in London, then so should he.” Makes sense.

While the ultimatum story is probably a lot of hot air, Kate Middleton and Prince William are facing a big decision in regard to their future. Stay with the RAF and enjoy their privacy or quit the job he loves and begin his job as a full-time royal. Decisions, decisions.

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