Kate Middleton Ditching Pippa Middleton in Favor of Prince Harry

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Kate Middleton has been getting awful chummy with Prince Harry lately. Their easy friendship bodes well for the trio that is Kate, William and Harry, but there is one person who is feeling a little left out. Pippa Middleton and her big sister enjoyed a strong sisterly bond before royalty struck.

Although the two still seem to get along quite well, it is harder and harder for them to spend time together. Quite frankly, they run in different circles these days. According to the royal source, “While she is still very close to her sister, they are definitely not as tight as they used to be.”

Kate has tea with the Queen and visits the opera with the future King. She is the future of the monarchy. William and Harry along with Kate are forging their own path in the world and are strongest when they are together. According to one source, the two brothers are aware of their combined power, ” William and Harry know that when they join forces it has a great effect.” Adding Kate to the mix is like adding a super power.

An insider reveals Pippa’s take on the Royal Trio. She is feeling “very exposed and vulnerable.” Kate is a busy girl, especially this summer. The source adds, “Kate growing closeness to William, Harry and the rest of the family has definitely had an effect on the sisters’ relationship.” The Duchess is leaving her old life behind and embracing a new one.

Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton are sisters and will always have that bond. Surely, it will be tested, but sisters are forever and these two ladies will always remain close.

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