Kate Middleton Doesn’t Look Like A Princess: Why Not?

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Kate Middleton has been in the news of late for her possibly pregnant state. But aside from that, she’s no stranger to the spotlight as a result of her chic and elegant fashion sense, which has captivated public attention ever since her stunning royal wedding dress moment when she married Prince William earlier this year. But during a recent hush-hush visit to an art therapy charity, The Art Room, at an inner London primary school last week, a few of the students thought Middleton looked anything but princess-like.

Of course, the arts-minded kids probably had fairytale visions of ball gowns and sparkling crowns in their heads, which the Duchess of Cambridge obviously decided to leave at home during this outing! Instead, she wore a casual sweater top and jeans (completely appropriate for an engagement such as this), which to the more mature observer is what makes this princess so approachable and down-to-earth. But to the younger set, it was definitely a downer!

File:Kate Middleton 2008 cropped v2.jpgMiddleton has recently been visiting several charities and organizations to learn more about them. But perhaps her trip last week to The Art Room at the Robert Blair primary school was triggered by her own focus on family, as the possibly pregnant royal might have children on her mind for more reasons than just charity!

Still, the trip was almost humorous as a few of the students who observed Kate Middleton’s arrival proved dubious of her royal credentials. According to the Daily Mail, a 21-year-old woman who was picking up her brother from the school during the Duchess of Cambridge’s visit confirmed, “Some of the little ones were very confused. They were saying things like, ‘She doesn’t look like a Princess. Where’s her dress?’ They didn’t believe it was the Princess they had seen on the television.”

Well, kids do say the darndest things. And this is a perfect example that one just has to laugh at. Kate Middleton may have disappointed some of her youngest fans, but she’ll redeem herself during her next gala appearance, during which she’ll no doubt cut a sophisticated, altogether “princess”-like profile.

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