Kate Middleton Doesn’t Need To Take Drastic Measures For Little Annoyance

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Kate Middleton has transitioned into her first year of regal life just like a true princess. She’s made the job look easy as she flawlessly hit the ground running, but there is one thing that’s gotten in Kate’s way from time to time, which is sometimes seen in pictures and film clips. This especially holds true when Kate is outside or she needs to bend down when greeting a child.

Her beautiful mane of shiny hair often distracts Kate when it gets unruly in the wind or on the occasions when she bends over to get on an even level with a child in the crowd. When her hair falls in her face from bending over or if it is windy outside, she’s sometimes needs two hands to corral her fly-away locks.

Mail Online suggests it might be time for Kate to cut her beautiful long hair. They suggest a cut that would look both smart and sophisticated. Once again Kate’s compared to the late Princess Diana who “realized early on that people wanted to see her face.” She cut her “droopy bangs” and went with a more sophisticated hair do.

Last week, Kate’s engagement found her greeting children at a charity event and her hair was a constant distraction for guest of honor. She needed to keep it out of her face and it took much fondling and fixing as her hair just fell over her entire face. She addressed it by holding it back with both hands but it was to no avail, her hair continued to take over her face.

While unruly hair in your face could present as a problem, Kate cutting her beautiful mane isn’t necessarily the answer. Kate’s transition into the royal family was one that came with Kate not leaving her old self behind. The young woman changed some to gain a better fit into the royal family, but she also never forgot who she is and where she came from. Her hairstyle is one of the things Kate kept the same.

Kate’s ability to keep her roots as a commoner while becoming one of the most famous royals on the face of the earth starts with little things she’s not conformed to for her new role, like her hairdo. While most of the main royals keep their hair at a manageable length like the Queen and Camilla, Kate is much younger and her hair really is part of her signature looks.

If her hair gets in the way for certain engagements, she’s got the option of wearing it off her face by using hair bands. She can also have it styled swept up and pulled back for a day of greeting small children or on a day that’s windy. Kate’s been seen many times with her hair pulled back, so it’s not something she’s against doing.

Cutting the hair of the newest princess would mean that Kate would give up something of hers that she holds in high regard to conform to her new role. The newest member of the royal family has soften the boundaries between the commoners and the royals with her tendencies to stay as close to her commoner roots as she possibly can while being a part of the royal family. Starting to conform now would go against this grain.

Somehow seeing Kate chop her mane would start to chip away at that persona she brought with her from her days of being just another public face like everyone else. While the young woman is a natural beauty and any hair style she sports won’t take away from that beauty, but it might take away something Kate holds dear.

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