Kate Middleton drops more weight?

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A new report claims that Kate Middleton weighs under 100 lbs.! Poor Princess! She is so beautiful and her body looks so healthy, but the tabloids continue to put her down and find fault with her. This whole weight thing has turned in to a baby thing, and it’s really becoming a mess.Kate Middleton wedding dress

People are scrutinizing Kate’s weight, saying that she is actually “too thin” to have a baby! Can you even believe this nonsense? She is 5′ 8″ and she has almost always been very slender and lean. Why is she being picked on for being too thin? Welcome to the world of celebrity gossip, Kate! Sorry it’s not turning out to be a happy road for you.

It’s so unfortunate that people have to harp on her body – she is stunning! It doesn’t look like she weighs less than 100 lbs., and it’s sad that tabloids keep these stories going. She is not skin and bones, she looks just perfect. And as far as a baby goes, that’s up to William and Kate, not the media.

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