Kate Middleton Fanatic Attacks Morrissey

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An outraged Kate Middleton worshiper has launched a sneering and scathing attack on British pop star Morrissey and called him ‘weird’, ‘warped’, and ‘pampered’.

The Duchess of Cambridge sure does have a knack for attracting the loonies, and there’s none crazier than those emotionally unbalanced, borderline obese types who seem to project on Kate, their own warped, childish, and possibly insane views of what a Bambi-eyed Princess should be.

Take for example the Daily Mail’s ‘baby blogger’ Tracey Blake. In a recent article, bursting with prose that is purple with artery bursting rage, she attacks washed up 80’s icon Morrissey for no other reason than his brassnecked audacity to voice his opinion on the sacred subject of Kate Middleton.

Now it doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with Morrissey’s recent comments about Pippa Middleton’s sister taken from a recent interview with New Zealand’s 3 News, the point of the matter is, certain quotes seem to have been seized upon and taken out of context.

Why? To give hot-headed royalists the excuse to froth at the mouth in an incandescent and righteous rage whilst calling for the head of Mr Morrissey on a silver platter.

File:Morrissey Live at Wembley in December 2006.jpg

Pictured above is the charming man, Mr Morrissey!

In her ham-fisted tirade the unfortunately titled ‘baby blogger’ begins by pompously announcing, “Morrissey has really got my goat today.” Which begs the weary reader to ask, ‘Why? What heinous crime has the old Mancunian tart committed now to inspire you to put pen to paper you flatulent old hack?’

To which the ‘baby blogger’, much like like a beefeater’s snarling pit-bull replies, “How dare he say that, ‘Kate was in the hospital, as far as I could see, for absolutely no reason’.”

There then follows a bitter and quite frankly predictably boring attack on Morrissey, whose venomous and provocative quotes pale into insignificance when compared with the fawning and groveling nature of the passages where the ‘baby blogger’ appears to desperately strive to ingratiate herself with Middleton and the rest of the Windsor clan.

Lines such as, “Perhaps he’d like to try enduring chronic flu-like conditions—I imagine this pampered pop star would be calling the emergency services before you know it,” and the constant refrain of “Poor Kate” seem to suggest a religious like zeal is at work. If you read too closely between the lines one would imagine there has been a perceived trespass against a holy virgin and an immediate lynching is needed to remedy this universal wrong.

The supreme irony of course is saved for last when the ‘baby blogger’ reveals her slightly deranged desire to fit in with the status quo at all costs when she barks, “I am faintly proud that I have disliked him and his faux whacky, attention-grabbing efforts since his Eighties heyday. When I was about eight years old I saw him dancing around the Top of the Pops stage with plants sticking out of his trousers—I immediately dismissed him as weirdo who wasn’t worth listening to. I only hope that Kate can take a similar attitude.”

It’s doubtful if the Duchess of Cambridge cares one way or the other and that was Morrissey’s intended point. If the interview where Morrissey’s inflammatory quotes are taken from is read in its entirety he is not blaming Kate for the death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha, he is saying she’s feeling ‘no shame’ for that fact that her presence at the hospital, the whole media circus surrounding it and the tragic events which unfolded thereafter are an indirect consequence of a certain belief.

And the belief in the righteousness of Britain’s antiquated class system and an ‘elite family’ who are entitled to a ridiculously excessive degree of privilege, wealth, and respect at the expense of everyone else, beggars belief—even for a baby who blogs.

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