Kate Middleton Fighting to Have Pippa Middleton Move In; William Says No!

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Kate Middleton is still getting used to the life of a military wife and is hoping for a little help from her little sister, Pippa Middleton. Prince William is often gone for long periods of time, leaving Kate to keep herself entertained. Her royal status makes it difficult for her to go shopping or have lunch with friends. Her inner circle must be kept relatively small, and she is almost always “on.”

Can you imagine how stressful it would be to constantly watch your p’s and q’s? Anybody can become a source and divulge things Kate may have said or done when she thought she was with a group of trusted friends. One of the people she feels she can trust is her sister. For that reason, Kate has reportedly asked Will to allow Pippa to move in with them.

A source explains, “Kate hasn’t got many people around her who she can really let her hair down with, so she thought it would be great to have Pippa move in.” Sounds reasonable. It is not like the royal couple are living in a tiny one-bedroom apartment. There is more than enough room for everybody to have their own space and privacy.

Apparently, Will does not think so, “Pippa jumped at the offer, but Wills wasn’t so keen.” Royal insiders reveal it was William, who helped Pippa and Kate mend the rift between them after that little gun scandal. Will is concerned Pippa will do something that could cause more problems and hurt his darling wife.

In normal situations, having a sister as a roommate could be a little taxing, but in Kate Middleton’s situation, it would give her a sounding board and somebody to lean on when her husband is away.

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