Kate Middleton Fighting to Stop Publication of 200+ Nude Photos

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Kate Middleton and Prince William are fighting to stop the publication of more than 200 photos via their legal eagles in St. James Palace. Clearly, Will and Kate know what happened on that balcony and are adamant they do not want it made public. Who would? The married couple thought they were alone and were clearly enjoying each other’s company.

How were they to know a dastardly person was hiding somewhere snapping away? Tabloids are making a hasty decision and running with the publication of the pictures of Catherine Middleton sunbathing topless. New headlines claim the Duchess is completely nude in some photos. To make matters worse, it has also been insinuated the pictures include the Duke and Duchess having sex. How can these magazines even consider publishing such pictures?

A spokesman for St. James Palace is ready to fight, “The court hearing is in France tomorrow when the official proceedings will start at a court in Paris as the papers have been served.” According to the spokesman, the Will and Kate will “support” any legal action. Hopefully, the legal proceedings will squash any future publication of the photos. “It is the first airing, and we will be seeking an injunction from them using the pictures, and it will lead to a longer court case where damages will be sought,” says the spokesperson.

The “peeping Tom” is still unidentified, but when the photographer is named, he or she could be facing jail time. Former Prime Minister John Major states, “In our country we prosecute peeping Toms. That’s exactly what they have done, and they have been peeping with long lenses from a long way away.” Kate Middleton is a victim and will hopefully get some kind of justice for this disgusting invasion of privacy. She is a celebrity, but she is still a person who has some rights to privacy.

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