Kate Middleton Gets Down and Dirty for a Good Cause

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Kate Middleton has proven she is more than just a pretty face who got to marry a handsome prince. Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge is quite the outdoors woman as well. This is a lady who may have tea with the queen in the afternoon and then take off for a little adventure in the wild. Wow! What a woman!

Kate is taking her duties as a volunteer with the scouts very seriously and has no problems getting her hands dirty, really dirty. While in Wales, she is still keeping her commitment to the group and has been spending time with a local troop. This week, she actually helped teach the girls how to catch and clean fish and crab. Anybody that has done any fishing knows how messy that task can be. Add several inexperienced, young girls and you have the makings of a nasty mess, but Kate held her own.

There were no royal airs at the beach barbecue near her home, as she served sausages and burgers to the Scout members. A spokesperson reveals how important Kate Middleton’s role is, “She helped organize an outdoor activities evening for the local scouts on the beach.” She is not just lending her name to the group, but actually putting in the time and energy that are so valuable to the children.

People magazine reports this is not the first time the Duchess has given up one of her nights to hang out with the kids. Apparently, whenever she is in her Angelsey residence, she devotes an evening a week to the Scout Association.

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