Kate Middleton Gets New Home Complete with Baby Nursery

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Kate Middleton and Prince William have found their new home and it is complete with a baby nursery! Does this mean children will be coming soon for the royal couple?

Rumors have been going around that Kate was already pregnant; even though it sounds like these are not true the couple just picked out a home that has a baby nursery in it already.

They will be spending $1.6 million dollars to make this home ready to move into and will not even be living in it until 2013. That should help get rid of the rumors that Kate Middleton is already pregnant. They would need a house sooner if this was the case.

The house they have chosen used to be the home of Princess Margaret so it has been used for royal families before. They are going to get everything the way they want it before they actually move into it. This house has 20 rooms in it. Do you think they are just preparing early?

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