Kate Middleton Getting a Puppy for Christmas: Could be Practice for Baby

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Prince William reportedly might be getting Kate Middleton a puppy for Christmas! So is the couple going to play parents to one lucky dog for a little while before Kate decides to get pregnant?

Some couples do use taking care of a puppy as parenting practice before having a baby. After all, if a person can’t raise a happy and healthy dog, then they might want to think twice about trying to raise a child.

Royals do love having loyal canine companions around – Queen Elizabeth adores Corgis, and Prince William’s father adopted a Jack Russell terrier with Duchess Camilla just a few months ago. And of course members of the royal family are also big fans of hunting, so they’re around lively hunting dogs quite often.

But what kind of puppy would Kate Middleton get as a Christmas gift? Would Prince William get her a shelter dog, or a “designer dog” like a puggle, maltipoo, or a labradoodle? He once had a black Labrador named Widgeon, so perhaps he’d prefer another pup from this faithful, playful, and loving breed.

Or would Kate prefer a purse-sized dog similar to those popular with celebrities? Paris Hilton favored Chihuahuas, while Jessica Simpson lost her beloved maltipoo Daisy to a coyote. Kate might love to have a lap dog to keep her company when her hubby is busy.

Or maybe Prince William isn’t going to get Kate a puppy at all – there were rumors in the past that he was going to get her a dog for Christmas, but they didn’t turn out to be true. There was once even a story that Kate’s black cocker spaniel ate a pair of expensive earrings that Will bought for her. However, as it turns out, this dog never existed.

So do you think a puppy would be the perfect Christmas present this year since Kate might be preparing to have a baby? And what kind of dog do you think would suit Kate and Will best? Sound off in the comments!

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