Kate Middleton Gives Addict Mothers, Disfigured Boy, A Hand Up

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A group of 500 rushed out to meet Kate Middleton on Wednesday to thank her for her willingness to recognize Olympic volunteers. But that was but one crowd swarming the princess this week.

The Duchess of Cambridge was at NewCastle Civic Centre to meet Olympic volunteers first, which included a 14-year-old lad named William Hardy, who contracted meningitis as a baby, forcing him to experience two leg amputations the BBC reported.

America is dealing with its own meningitis outbreak scare this month, with 12 deaths reported thus far due to a contaminated drug injection, and the forecast that as many as 650 more people are expected to be impacted by the medical emergency.

Middleton, however, is a busy princess, and she had to move on from the Olympic volunteer recognition event to the next one on Buckingham Palace’s princess duty’s list.

Catarina, Duquesa de Cambridge(Photo Credit: Tom Soper)

And it was the next two stops, which boasted children as the primary group in attendance, that highlights how much like the late Princess Diana the new princess really is, as Kate graced schoolchildren and children minus their mothers next in her busy day.

Middleton shared her smile with schoolchildren in attendance at Elswick Park. And she took time out to sow more than vegetable seeds on Wednesday when she did, sowing seeds of love and compassion as well.

Children got her attention yet again in Stockton-On-Tees, since she was there in support of Action on Addiction. And the children’s mothers, who are receiving treatment in a substance abuse program which Kate serves as a patron, likely think as much of her as they did Lady Di.

And isn’t Action on Addiction the kind of program the past generation of Royal watchers would have seen Princess Di participating in and supporting? It would have been just like her to want to help a mother become able to better take care of their children. And getting off drugs is one way to do that.

The future queen of England appears to be a woman of many faces, like Diana, her deceased mother-in-law, and she also seems to be able to hold her own minus Prince William, who was away at his former nanny’s funeral.

But the Duchess of Cambridge also appears, at times, to be as fragile as Diana. And she likely longed to shun the Royal role on Wednesday and be by her prince charming’s side, especially given his own battle with grief to be endured over the loss of his childhood nanny.

Princess Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, however, is embracing her duties as a Royal with great gusto, especially in light of her own embarrassing moments, like the topless photo scandal. And that just shows she is queen material after all, and that she can rise above such things and still carry on her job.

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