Kate Middleton Honeymoon Pictures Spark Anorexia Rumors

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Kate Middleton’s honeymoon pictures have done it again! Rumors the Duchess of Cambridge is or was anorexic are slowly getting started as more people see the leaked photos. There is no question, Catherine Middleton is one skinny lady!

Her carefully chosen dresses and jackets tend to conceal how thin she really is. Pictures of her stripped down to nothing more than a few scraps of cloth reveal why those that have actually seen her in person say she is dangerously skinny. Cameras are said to add a few pounds, so can you imagine what she really looked like strolling along that beach?

Palace officials are already working to keep the pictures out of any UK tabloids, but it is a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has escaped. The pictures are on the internet and there is a great deal of curiosity about the Duchess. The photos indicate Kate Middleton was battling a serious case of wedding day jitters and not eating. Hopefully, she has put on a few pounds since then.

Have you seen the pictures? Do you think Kate is scary skinny? She looks healthy, but her honeymoon pictures definitely reveal a woman who is on the border of being too thin.

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