Kate Middleton Irked by Camilla’s Veiled Barbs?

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Camilla Parker-Bowles’ snarky remarks about Kate Middleton’s weight didn’t pass unnoticed by Buckingham Palace, and Prince Charles’ wife may regret ever uttering those words.

While in Australia with Charles, Camilla urged young women to not over diet, an apparent reference to Kate’s slender but elegant physique. “The message I love to get over is to make young people aware of how important it is in their teenage years not to diet too strongly,” the royal consort told the throng of young women.

It’s tough to conjure any sympathy for Charles’ wife, after the role she played in driving a wedge between Princess Diana and the future king of England. She’s definitely not a sympathetic figure. But, in fairness to the royal consort, she never actually said the duchess’ name. Everyone is just assuming she was referring to Kate Middleton.

Either way, the opinion which really matters, is Queen Elizabeth’s, and she clearly believes that the remark was a swipe at her grandson’s wife. Middleton was also rumored to be irate at Parker-Bowles, but she’s pretty much powerless to get even. For now, she just has to take the alleged abuse.

Elizabeth is so ticked off at Parker-Bowles, she is threatening to bequeath the throne to William and Kate, if the duchess manages to produce an heir. It sounds like this situation has reached a boiling point, and there is some serious Windsor infighting on the horizon.

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