Kate Middleton is a Bond Girl! Enjoyed Date Night with William at ‘Skyfall’ Screening

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Kate Middleton is a Bond Girl! No, she will not be dressing in some skimpy bikini for the big screen and acting as the latest love interest of the notorious spy. The Duchess of Cambridge snuck out of the house with her husband for a night at the cinema to see the latest James Bond flick, Skyfall.

The down-to-earth couple enjoy their nights at the theater just like any other married couple. They rarely have an opportunity to go out together, but when there is an exciting movie playing, they make the time. As usual, the couple kept their appearance as low-key as possible. A witness reports, “They came in by themselves. They didn’t have protection with them, or if they did, he or she was very hidden.”

Kate and William grabbed the requisite movie theater snacks, including buttery popcorn before heading off to see the film. The witness adds, “They were smiling and seemed in good moods.” How sweet! The romance is still alive and well.

It is great to hear about Prince William and Kate Middleton keeping up a normal as possible life despite their royal status. They could have easily cleared out the theater and requested a private viewing, but they are not quite that pretentious. They like to blend in when possible and simply enjoy the little things in life.

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