Kate Middleton Is Getting Ready For Pregnancy – She’s Gone Up A Dress Size!

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Kate Middleton and Prince William’s desire to start a family hasn’t gone unnoticed, but after it was revealed that the Duchess struggles to put on weight and might struggle to become pregnant, the media began to worry.

Kate was rumoured to have tried a variety of ways to put on weight, with nothing helping her to boost her size six figure, which was looking increasingly frail.

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Now it seems Kate has found the strategy that works for her – regular snacking!

A source has confirmed that Kate has made a vow to accept any snacks she is offered, and as such has managed to put on a dress size, rising from a thin size six to a much healthier size eight.

The Duchess is now looking much more radiant, with her figure looking closer to how it looked pre-engagement – although planning a wedding of that magnitude was bound to make any woman lose weight!

It is rumoured that Prince William is delighted with Kate’s slightly fuller figure, and it certainly looks good on the Duchess, who has a much healthier looking face.

The reason behind Kate’s desire to gain weight? According to a source, the Royal couple have been reading up on pregnancy and parenting, and Kate is determined to get her body healthy and into the best state possible before they try to conceive.

With her new success, people could be hearing the pitter-patter of tiny Royal feet very soon! Do you think Kate looks better with her new figure?

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