Kate Middleton is Queen of Off-the-Rack Fashions

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Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is a style icon who wears what she wants, where she wants to wear it. She looks elegant in Alexander McQueen, but she sealed her reputation as the queen of mass-market fashion when she handled a function alone, wearing an off-the-rack coat over a belted inexpensive dress, three years old, reports the Daily Beast. Talk about re-cycling. Talk about self-confidence!

Kate Middleton rules! Anyone can feel like a fashion leader in a fabulous designer creation—feel like it, anyway—but it takes a real fashion icon to wear the olFile:Kate in Ottawa for Canada Day 2011.jpgd with the new, to tweak here and there with a fresh belt or scarf, or to switch from platform heels to boots, all of which the Duchess has done. But wait—that sounds familiar. Oops! Isn’t that what most people do? Of course it is. Her clothing choices say “I’m normal.”

The Duchess Kate Middleton wore the coat and dress ensemble to a drug rehab clinic, but she makes very sure not to wear her high street selections only to charity functions. She also opened an art exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in affordable garments. This was a star-studded gala, and most women in her shoes would have reached for a McQueen or a Dior. Not Kate Middleton. She wore Jesire, a designer of clothing for “normal” people.

The Queen, Kate’s grandmother-in-law, has always made a point of stepping out in new clothing, to special events. But she appreciates frugality, and times are changing. Kate Middleton appears to have her priorities in order.

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